The path to destruction is broad
and wide and many will go on it
But the path to life is difficult and
narrow and very few will find it
Endtime Alert
When will Israel attack Iran ?

In the last days, mockers and scoffers
will  try to prevent Christians from
believing the end-time signs.
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"You stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you. Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? And they killed those who foretold the coming of the Just One, of whom you now have become the betrayers and murderers,"   Acts 7:51-52

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2011 Strange Signs
WW3 fulfilling 4th Seal
Pt 01 - Will Israel attack Iran ?
Pt 02 - Russia will attack Israel
Pt 03 - Fall of Jerusalem
Pt 04 - Woe to Christian Nations
Pt 05 - 153 fish End-time Sign
Pt 06 - Mysteries revealed in Bible Dates
Pt 08 - Higgs' Boson-God's Particle, Big Bang and GOD
Pt 09 - Urgent, this is the last days ! fallen bishops
Pt 10 - How World War 3 will develop in 2013/4?
God will only reveal the understanding of His endtime mysteries in the end time. Therefore, all past interpretations will have to be updated as the time of the end draws nearer and nearer.
Signs of Jesus Coming Series (Videos)
Events after Rapture
Science reveals Creation

ObamaCare - Verichip

Islam in the Great Tribulation

Gay Bishops
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7 Seals
God's Instituted Jewish Calendar

The Ancient Calendar

The Ancient Calendar was the only calendar in the olden times. This was based on the lunar month when the new moon signified the beginning of a new month and 12 lunar months made up a lunar year. The Babylonians and the Egyptians were the early people who tried to adjust the Ancient Calendar so that it was also suitable for agricultural purposes (i.e. solar year). Today, only the Arabian (commonly referred to as the Mohammedan) Calendar maintains the Ancient Calendar’s format for the Jews had forsaken the commandment of God through Moses by modifying the Calendar in 358 AD.
The Jewish Calendar

In the Bible the months are normally not named (just as the Chinese Calendar); instead they are referred to as the 1st, 2nd……up to the 12th month. No 13th month is found. This clearly shows that one Jewish or biblical year is 12 months.
In Exodus 12:1-2;13:4, God gave the name of the first month `Abib'. Henceforth was the birth of the Jewish or Hebrew Calendar which was identical to the Ancient Calendar except that the 1st. month was called `Abib'. The five books of Moses in the Bible (Pentateuch) only named the first month as the month of Abib. All other months are referred to as numerical months, such as the 7th month. In 1 Chron 27:1-15; the 12 tribes supplied food to King David for 12 months only, and here it again indicates a 12-month year. God revealed to His people again and again that a year was 12 months only. In the book of Revelations chapters 11 & 12, we find that 3 ˝ years (times) is 42 months giving a 12-month year and 36 months for 3 years.
It was only during King Solomon’s reign that the names of the 2nd month Zif (1 King 6:1), the 8th month Bul (1 King 6:38) and the 7th month became Ethanim (1 King 8:2) were recorded. However these names are not the names of the months found in the present Hebrew calendar. Only after the Israelites were exiled to Babylon were the names of the months of the present Hebrew calendar mentioned but hardly used. From here it may be deduced that the format of the present Hebrew calendar follows the Babylonian calendar. E.g. Adar (Ez 6:15; Est 3:7), Chisleu (Neh 1:1; Zec 7:1), Nisan (Neh 2:1; Est 3:7), Ilul (Neh 6:15), Tebeth (Est 2:16), Sivan (Est 8:9), and Sebat (Zec 1:7). Throughout the Bible, the names of the months were hardly used except for the few occasions mentioned above.

The Jewish Calendar then was the Ancient Calendar (still used by the Mohammedans), whereby 1 month was 28 - 29 days and a year had only 12 months. Thus the Jewish year as recoded in the Bible was 354.4 days but the Gregorian Calendar we are using today has 365.24 days a year. Thus, the difference of almost 11 days every year between the 2 types of Calendars. Because of this difference, the 1st Day of the 1st Month will be less by about 11 days every Gregorian year.
Example - If the 1st Day of the 1st Month falls on 1st January 2000, then the 1st Day of the 1st Month of the following year will fall on 20th December 2000 (i.e less 11 days) and not 1st January 2001

The Present Day Hebrew Calendar

The present-day Hebrew calendar, which was only compiled in 358 AD, provides an additional lunar month for every 3 years to compensate for the difference of almost 11 days every year between the Solar (Gregorian) year and the Lunar year. The former Jewish Calendar (and also the Ancient Calendar) had only 36 months in a period of 3 Jewish years but the present-day Hebrew Calendar has 37 months just as the present-day Chinese Calendar. Since the crucifixion of our Lord, God's time-clock for the Israelites as His people had stopped ticking. God destroyed the Temple of God in Jerusalem in 70 AD to prevent the Jews from keeping the Laws and the Feasts, for God wanted them to acknowledge and accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah, who came to fulfill the Laws and Prophets. Because God was no longer with them, the Jews departed from the Jewish Calendar given by God to Moses (with the 1st. month known as `Abib') by creating the present-day Hebrew Calendar so that it is suitable for agricultural purposes by adding an extra (13th.) month into the former Jewish Calendar for every 3 years or so.
Note: It is unfortunate that many Bible scholars and Theologians are using the present-day Hebrew calendar (created only in 358AD) to teach Christians the times and seasons of the Lord’s feasts.
God's Divine Year

However, God’s time-clock for the final salvation of all the Israelites will be in the end time (Read ‘The Last Seven years of the Jews’ for more detail). The calendar used by God during this last 7-year period are Divine years and months i.e. 30 days in a month, 12 months in a year or 360 days in a year. {prophesied by Daniel in 8:14; 12:11-12, and also in the book of Revelation chapters 11&12}
Teachings based on the present-day Hebrew Calendar are wrong and misleading and are thus unacceptable for instruction.

Comparisions of the 3 types of Calendars

Since the Gregorian (Solar) year is more than the Jewish (Lunar) year by 10.8757 (365.2424 - 354.3667 = 10.8757) days every year, there must be a time when the dates of the two years will coincide again with the Jewish year gaining an extra year along the way. If the Jewish New year (i.e. 1st. day of the 1st. month of the Jewish calendar) begins on 1st. January, then the next Jewish year will begin on 20th. December (i.e. 11 days earlier) of the same year {Refer FIG 9 of page 41} and the subsequent Jewish New years will be on 9th Dec, 28th Nov, 17th Nov, 6th Nov, 26th Oct, etc. until after 33 or 34 (33.58) Jewish years later the Jewish New year will again begin on 1st. January after gaining an additional year in the process.10.8757 x 33.58 = 365.24 days or 1 Gregorian year.

Thus, after every 33˝ Jewish years the Jewish and Solar dates will again coincide.

Interesting Observation
Our Lord Jesus was also on earth for 33˝ Jewish years.

But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber. 2 Pet 2:1-3
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Year      Events Fulfilled

1993     1st Seal
        Mysteries of the Fig tree

1994    2nd Seal

1997   3rd Seal 

2000  Y2K -  Can Jesus
        Coming be delayed ?

2011 AD
Jan 01 5000 Dead birds
      Beginning of Sorrows
     Deceptions of Christians
     Deceptions of Muslims
   Record flood in Queensland
Feb 3     4th Seal 
        Pale Horse in Cairo 
        `I am the christ' 

Feb 22
  Earthquakes in Christchurch
Mar 11    
    Tsunami in Japan  
Earthquakes in various places

2013 AD
Expect World War 3

Mystery of the 7 Seals

Mysteries of Horses

1st Seal:-   Rider on White horse with a bow (for shooting fiery arrows).

2nd Seal:-  Rider on Red horse and peace taken from the earth. (civil wars)

3rd Seal:-   Rider on Black horse with many daily pays insufficient for meals.

4th Seal:-   Rider on Green (Pale) horse and 1/4 of mankind is killed (World War 3)

5th Seal:-   The Martyrs killed during the Great Tribulation were given white robes.

6th Seal:-   The Great Heavenly Blackout to herald in the glorious Lord at Rapture.

7th Seal:-   The Wraths of God and the Lamb upon the Unbelieving and Unbelievers

Destructive Heresies

Distorted Teachings
Video by Pastor Wilkerson

PLO-Israel Peace Accord

As a Thief in the Night

Christians demonized

Confessing Sins of Old

History supercedes Scriptures

Evolution replaces Scriptures

Prosperity Gospel
Video by Pastor Wilkerson
Fulfillments of Matthew 24

End Time Charts

God's instituted Jewish Calendar

Fulfillments of some of the Jewish Feasts

The Significance of the Parables

The so-called Delay of Jesus' Coming (Y2K)

The Spritual Gifts
Part 1    Gifts of Holy Spirit
Part 2     5-Fold Ministries of Christ
Part 3     Anointed (appointed) of God

`I am the christ'

Depraved christs

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Science is the Discovery of God's Mysteries

Mysteries of 5,000 dead birds falling from the sky

Mystery of the Green (Pale) Horse in Cairo

The Turmoil in the Arab World

The 2 recent Earthquakes in Christchurch

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Watchman's Ministry
'But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman's hand.'   Ezek 33:6

Watch and Pray
This ministry will watch the current world events and try to warn and enlighten God's people of the soonest and earliest possibilities of the fulfillments of endtime prophesies so that we will be ready to overcome the deceptions of the false christs, false prophets and the Antichristt, and to encourage fellow Christians in times of persecutions, tribulations, wars and disasters.
Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.   Luke 21:36

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Mystery of the Fig Tree
The Great Y2K Mystery
Systemmatic Bible Dating
Mystery of Birth of the Messiah
Establishing Time of Rapture
End Time Charts
Establishing the Seasons
I am the christ
Depraved Christs
Green(Pale) Horseman
Arab Turmoil
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Earthquakes and Troubles
The Beginning of Sorrows
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False Christs
The End-time Antichrist
The Great Martyrdom
The Great Tribulation
The Overcomers
Day of our Lord or Rapture
The Second Coming

Vision and Mission of time2alert in Video
1993 AD
Pt 01 - Seal 1 White Horse
Pt 02 - Last generation, Fig tree

1994 AD 
Pt 03 - Seal 2 Red Horse,

1997 AD 
Pt 04 - Seal 3 Black Horse,

2000 AD
Pt 05 - Y2K, Can Jesus Delay ?
Pt 06 - Y2K, The Ten Virgins

Since Y2K (2000 AD+)
Pt 07 - Babylon the Great
Pt 08 - Mother of Abomination
Pt 09 - The Scarlet Woman

in 2011 AD
Jan  Pt 10 - I am the `Christ'
Feb Pt 11 Seal 4 Green (Pale) Horse

World War 3 (expected 2013) will fulfill the 4th Seal

How World War 3 will develop in 2013?

Pt 12 - What I must do from now ?
Jan 1  Pt 01 - 5000 deadbirds fell from sky
Feb 3 Pt 02 - Green horseman in Cairo
Feb 22 Pt 03 - Earthquakes in Christchurch
Mar 11 Pt 04 - Tsunami hitting Japan
Jun 18  Pt 05 - Moon turned to Blood Red
Sep  Pt 06 - Neutrinos faster than light 
Oct  Pt 07 - Population reaching 7 Billion by end 2013
Nov 8  Pt 08 - IAEA Report of Iran nuclear Bomb
Nov 8  Pt 09 - Heavy Snowstrom in Tehran delays attack ?
Dec 16  Pt 10 - Over 153 members in WTO

How the Coming World War 3 will develop in 2013 ?
Pt 01 - Will Israel attack Iran ?
Pt 02 - Rumors of Wars coming to pass
Pt 03 - Revival of Islam (Mahdi the 12th Imam)
Pt 04 - Angel of Light (Mahdi the 12th Imam)
Pt 05 - Why was there a Delay of Israel attacking Iran?
Pt 06 - ObamaCare, delay in Inplantation of Microchip
Pt 07 - This Sinful and Adulterous Generation
Coming World War 3 Events (Videos)
Base on Matt 24

Part 1 -Do not be deceived
Part 2 -Wars and Rumours
Part 3 -Nation against nation
Part 4 -Kingdom Vs kingdom
Part 5 -Earthquakes in N.Z.
Part 6 -Famine, Pestilences
Part 7 -Beginning of Sorrows
Part 8 -Persecute Christians
Part 9 -Betray one another
Part10 -Endure to the end
Part11 -False prophets arise
Part12 -Gospel preached to
Part13 -Abomination of Des
Part14 -End Time Antichrist
Part15 -Building the temple
Part16 -Stands in holy place
Part17 -Let him understand
Part18 -Great Tribulation
Part19 -Those days shorten
Part20 -Told beforehand
Part21 -Blood Red Moon
Part22 -The Rapture
Part23 -All tribes mourn
Part24 -One will be taken
Part01 -Wars in heaven
Part02 - Seventh Seal
Part03 - Glorious Woman
Part04 - The Beast `666'
Part05 - Mark of the Beast
Part06 - Two Witnesses
Part07 - All Israel saved
Part08 - Armageddo
Part09 - Seventh Trumpet
Part10 - New Heaven